Thursday, May 1, 2014


Art can be analyzed to assess a culture’s value .One enduring text in western culture is Beowulf .By looking at the different interpretations of Beowulf over the years, we can analyze the cultures that produced them .By comparing the original Anglo-Saxon epic with the modern day film adaption, we can see that the Anglo-Saxon valued fame, warfare, and role women while our modern society values good over evil, fair fight and family relationships.
There is a lot of difference between Anglo Saxon cultures and modern cultures. We differ in many ways and the way modern culture perceives the world is extremely different. The Anglo Saxon where first and modern follow .modern is probably a better way of the way Anglo Saxon value themselves and their life.  

Unit circle

So, my teacher really want us to write 10 blogs and honestly I have so much on my mind to worry about blogs but I'm gonna do it because I want that grade I signed up for loll. I'm going to talk about the Unit circle. It's a circle that anybody taking for planning to take a higher level of math has to memorize. It is scary looking when you se it and you will probably think that there is no way you will be able to memorize it but there is a trick to it. when i saw it i said : hell no ,no way i will learn this but i did memorize it and it took me about a week . It has a pattern and once you capture it you can reproduce every angles of radiant on the circle.Unfortunately , most people in my class this year never understood it and always fail the quizzes.We were given 3 mins to fill up the whole circle and of course if you didn't know the pattern, it would've taken you 15 mins minimum to do it. It's not something you can get away with unless you stop taking math classes 'cause it the only to do trigonometry.

Finals Week

Sometimes it frustrating just to know that you have so much on a plate and you can't afford to neglect anything. I worked over the semester.meaning, I did my work,doing my best to keep my grade up.I thought finals wouldn't be such a problem ,at least I thought i wouldn't have to study much since i did all that throughout the semester. But ,I guess I was wrong because finals are overwhelming and seems like I was learning everything form the beginning again. maybe its because of the classes am taking cause i remember last year in high school ,finals were my favorite .I didn't have to learn anything just go over my notes quickly and I perfectly ready .I hope the results wont be too bad :) my lowest grade has to be a B. yeah , i know it sounds crazy but its reality .I can't afford a C . that will  really just mess up my plans.I want to transfer to Georgetown or Vtech  and they really do have high expectations.

Also, I cant wait for summer loll. stress free times. I've plans but am pretty sure it's gonna change cause people always change my plans.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beyond class#2

As beyond class activities , I went to a Club in Atlanta called  Aroma and compared it to others club I've been to in Richmond. Honestly, Aroma was the best club experience I've ever experience. I don't usually go clubbing but if I live in Atlanta, I will probably be clubbing every weekend. It was nothing out of norms . the environment was prefect, music was impeccable.impeccable. I've been to 2 or 3 clubs in Richmond and it was really different. I believe they have a different way of having fun than they do in Atlanta.As a girl I wouldn't go back to Richmond clubs because you basically get grabbed by random people and it's really uncomfortable. In Atlanta it's completely different. The atmosphere felt right and we actually forgot we had to go somewhere else.I was with my girlfriend we talk to people we wanted to talk to and we had fun drinking and dancing .Maybe, i may have went to the wrong clubs while I was in Richmond .We did went to another club in Atlanta and it was about the same as Aroma Lounge. I really had fun and if i have to go to club while am in Atlanta it will definitely be Aroma.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have witness too many people going through heart break. and its the most painful time someone can go through .Most of the time it's girls. Girls get hurt mostly and they think the whole word is about to end because they are heart broken. I know it is not a pleasant feeling but I also know it's not worth making the world stop from moving. (an old french proverb says : L'amour peut ne pas faire tourner le monde mais c'est l'amour qui donne un sens à la vie )which  basically means that :"Love may not make the world go round but it is love that gives a sense to life.U to me this means you are going to get hurt but you need to forget and leave pass it. I used to be in love too and I got my heart broken and I thought the world was going to end. So, I basically stop living. NO. That's the wrong way to take break outs. Heart breaks will always happen even when you're married (it might not be someone cheating but a fight can cause a heart break). I wish people including me will just understand that they can leave with heart breaks. So , I have decided to" invent" a drug that will release heart break pain. It is proven that feeling comes from the heart and the brain . So, I strongly believe that broken heart syndrome can be cured. Heart break syndrome also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiopulmonary, can strike even if you’re healthy. Heart breaks aren't healthy so they should be treated as disease.

Easter celebration

As a out of class activity , I went to a catholic church in Petersburg during Easter and  I was amazed by the number of people that showed up. I frequently go to that church (I mean about most Sundays). It's usually empty but that day it was so full that people were standing up by the door. It showed how many people do actually consider Easter as a celebration and it makes me happy because I see how many people pay attention to the religious world. it seemed as if it was Christmas but nope they were just celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ form the dead which according to the new testament occurred 3 days after his Crucifixion by the roman in calvary.

Good Teachers

I remember how I was always worry about not being able to do good in chemistry.During my senior year in school I was referred to take AP Chemistry to have a good perspective of what i will be dealing with in college (chemistry wise). I tried my best but I never got the grade I wanted and I even thought about dropping it. But dropping AP Chemistry means forget about being a doctor 'cause you can never be a doctor without mastering chemistry.Unfortunately, I just happen to have a bad teacher. I pass the class with a B but failed the national AP exam( I awfully fail ,I had a 2 out of 5). But then , I didn't give up. I took chemistry 101 during my first semester and I did great. everything that wasn't making sense made sense. it became so easy .And it was literally the same materials I was learning in AP chemistry . I believe I just have a great teacher that actually knows how to transmit the message right. Am taking 102 this semester and I am feeling so comfortable that I'm thinking about changing my major from bio medical engineering to biochemistry. I believe having a good teacher is the key to success. 'cause once you are put on the right way and told what to do it's up to you whether or not you take or leave it.